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A/N: There is no mature content this time! Sorry! ^^;
Universe: Transformers Prime
Characters: Megatron and Starscream
Pairing: Megatron X Starscream
Rating: T

"I hear a voice say
Don't be so blind
It's tellin' me all these things
That you would probably hide...."

“STARSCREAM!!! You have stolen from me once again! Where are my dark energon resources?!” roared Megatron to his terrified Second-In-Command and dysfunctional lover, Starscream. “I-I didn't take them, my liege! I SWEAR IT!” screeched, the smaller Seeker. The larger Mech stormed to his small, helpless, but conniving Seeker. Starscream backed away as fast as possible but was caught by his dominant, angry Lover and Leader. Megatron grabbed him by his throat and slammed him against the wall. “You are the ONLY one who knows where I store them! Now tell me what you did with them!!” roared Megatron once again. Starscream started leaking from his optics. “Are you...crying...?” said, Megatron more calmly and sympathetic.

"Am're one and only desire?
Am I the reason you breathe?
Or am I the reason you cry...?
Always...always...always...always...always...always...I Just Can't Live Without You!"

Starscream looked away from his lover's face and let the tears roll out of his red optics. Then he spoke, “Get away! Let me go!” Then he struggled to break free, and Megatron loosened his grip and let him fall to the ground, then he sped off crying and yelling, “I hate you!!!” This caught Megatron off guard and he felt a pain in his spark...he said, clutching his chest, “What is this...pain? Megatron never feels pain...” Then he looked in the direction where Starscream ran off and said in a whisper...”But...I love you...”

"I love you! I hate you!
I can't get around you
I breathe you I taste you...
I can't live without you
I just can't take anymore
This life of solitude....
I guess that I'm out the door and now I'm done with you..."

Megatron sat there for awhile thinking about what just happened between him and his lover. He looked torn and...he looked ashamed. He went back to where his dark energon sources were stored and was surprised to see that he looked in the wrong place and blamed Starscream for taking them again....he sighed a sad, heavy sigh and he walked to him and Starscream's sleeping quarters. He was about to knock on the door, but he heard moving around and sobbing coming from behind the door, and he also heard a case close, this worried him so he opened the door and said, worried and slightly saddened, “Starscream? Why do you have that case...? What are you going to do?” Then, Starscream wiped away his tears and said, sniffling, “I'm presence isn't needed or wanted around here anymore...even by you, my own master and lover...” Megatron felt that same pain in his spark again...and he said, “'t leave me, Starscream.” Then, Starscream grabbed his case and stopped right next to his larger lover and leader and did not look at him and looked straight ahead and said, “You don't want me here anymore...why bother stay...?” Then he walked out of the room and left Megatron there feeling confused, spark broken and alone.

"I you don't want me around...
I guess I'll pack all my things I guess I'll see you around...
It's all...been bottled up until now...
As I walk out your door all I hear is the sound...
I Just Can't Live Without You!"

Megatron became hysterical and yelled, “Starscream! No, wait!” Starscream wasn't all the way down the corridor just yet, so he turned to look over his shoulder, to see his lover and leader running to him like a desperate mess, but he loved seeing him react this way to his leaving. “ do love me...?” Starscream thought to himself. He couldn't help but smile slightly to his intimidating leader's reaction. Megatron scooped his Seeker's fragile body up into his large arms while planting a kiss on his lips. A very urgent, needy kiss. He  pulled away and Megatron's eyes were huge, and he said, “ this? I thought we loved one another?” But Starscream got out of his grip, and said, “We obviously don't...not anymore...” This made Megatron's pain in his spark come back and he tried not to show it. Then he put on his best serious face and said, “Apparently not...well, I feel like a damn fool now. I crawled to you like a foolish weakling.” That made Starscream's spark hurt, but he just twitched to hide the pain of what was just said...then he just said, clearing his throat, “Well...I'm leaving now...don't try and stop me this time...I could have been gone by now.” Then he turned and hid the tears forming in his optics again and quickly walked off down the rest of the corridor.

"I left my head around your heart...
Why would you tear my world apart...?!

While he was still walking away crying, Starscream had a flashback of their last violent was when he almost ended his own life because of how Megatron acted towards him and made him made him cry harder then ever...

"I see...the blood all over your hands...
Does it make you feel...more like a man...?
Was it all...just a part of your plan...?
The pistol's shakin' in my hands...
And all I hear is the sound...

I love you! I hate you!
I can't live without you
I breathe you! I taste you!
I can't live without you
I just can't take anymore
This life of solitude...
I guess that I'm out the door and now I'm done with you!"

“This will be good for me...I can have peace and no violence towards me out on my own...” said Starscream, sobbing to himself. “I'm done with him...” he said again.

(Back To Megatron)
Megatron was still staring where Starscream had vanished around the corner down the corridor. He found himself leaking from HIS optics now. He then, backed into a wall and slid down to the ground, and he wiped a tear away and said, voice cracking, “The Mighty Megatron doesn't cry...I mustn't let his leaving me get to me like this, but...I need him here...NO! No, I do not need him here...” But, he was only trying to act tough and get over it, but he couldn't let him go...but he also had to for his own sanity.

"I love you! I hate you!
I can't live without you...

I love you! I hate you!
I can't live without you...
I just can't take anymore
This life of solitude..."

Megatron then calmed down and tried to forget what happened, and he got himself up off the floor and tried to be confident and feel great, but he couldn't stay that way for long, he knew himself that he would end up remembering this and break down, but he wasn't going to allow that to happen.

"I pick myself off the floor and now I'm done with you!

“I AM MEGATRON! I am no weakling!” roared Megatron so it would echo throughout the corridors. But deep down...he was still crushed that his lover was gone...  
YES! I finally made my Lyric One Shot! I am VERY PROUD of this! :w00t:

One-Shot by: :icon999slipknot-maggot:

Song and Lyrics: "Always" by Saliva

Preview Picture: By :iconusukong: on devART

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rocknrollstarcons Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Student Artist
Megatron you are such a ungrateful stupid moron let go of the stupid unwanted pride 
XGothicxAngelX Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
lol. yes he can be a moron at times. :XD:
rocknrollstarcons Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Student Artist
I know right
rocknrollstarcons Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student Artist
Sweet so awesome and you should totally do pt 2 mabay ss fighting the bots as megatron has to let go of his dumb pride in front of everyone to save ss spark because prime his holding ss down and is going to deliver the final blow but will megs save him or not
XGothicxAngelX Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah maybe so. ^^ Thanks for the idea! :meow:
rocknrollstarcons Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student Artist
No problem I write these things onn the pc all the time
DeathshadowxMegatron Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Student Artist
Oh that's epic. Do a part 2?
XGothicxAngelX Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Eh, I don't know how I could do a part 2 for a one-shot. ^^; :XD:
DeathshadowxMegatron Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Student Artist
I know! Have Megatron end up missing starscream and he goes looking for him and finds him when he's in battle with the autobots and starscream ends up getting into big trouble. so Megatron ends up saving him!!! And if you do you can add anything else! :3 Cheerleader Panda LOVE Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] Cinnamon Chen free avatar Awesome + plz with new shading! BoBerry plz You wuv me? fox emoticon free Smiley BambooD'Choo 08 Spotty Blinks Panda Cute Bunnie Glaceon Licky~! Art trade - Freya animated Kitty Icon Krystal Icon 4 Jolteon bob  See I'm begging you here xD
XGothicxAngelX Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
LOL! Your begging me to make another part? Lol. Ok I'll try it out if possible. :XD:
DeathshadowxMegatron Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Student Artist
Sakiko21 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dammit Megatron LET GO OF YOUR PRIDE!!!

good story :3
XGothicxAngelX Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
lol. yes he should do that! and thank you. ^^
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